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Declutter Your Mind


Recently my wife started decluttering our 2 sons rooms. She also did some of the living area, the difference is vast and creates a great feeling of serenity. I myself did the study. One wonders why we always put up with all the things we do not need, and it does clutter our thoughts just as much as our homes. Every time you see something that still needs to be attended to you conciously beating up on yourself. Recently one of my wife’s favourite bloggers also blogged about this although he went more holistic, here is the link : Dumb Little Man

“10 ways of Decluttering your Life” includes :

– Your desk
– Filing
– Shutting down and controlling some of the internet information overflow. This means the overburden of sites you visit each day. (Hopefully it won’t include mine or his.)
– Computer clutter, removing all those meaninless programs you never use or still mean to use but never get to and clearing up your file groupings, photos and music.
– Rooms, drawers and closets.
– Commitments. Get rid of those that you will never be able to do. Excuse yourself from some things if you can’t make it or just don’t feel like it (if it is not a necessity of course)
– Routines. make use of routines to get the fundamentals out of the way. They won’t go away no matter how long you stall them. Rather set up a regular routine and focus your mind on doing it. There is sometimes great serenity achieved in simple tasks.
– He mention systems to keep everything in place, which is basically maintenance to make sure you don’t regress to your old way of doing things.

So thats it.. remember don’t let old things and memories keep you back clear your mind and you will be the better person because of it.

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5 Power Foods to boost your immunity

Fairy Toadstools

Found this excellent link today :

I was glad when I saw this especially as I love eating mushrooms. According to him the 5 power foods are :

1. Garlic : “Garlic has excellent sulfur compounds in it which has been shown to block enzymes that allow bad bacteria to take over otherwise healthy tissue.” Good I just love garlic and the flavour it puts into food. I tend to eat it when I can but one also have to consider other people, so don’t overdo it. Luckily blogging is not affected by garlic odors.

2. Eggs : “The main reasons that eggs are good for you are because that contain zinc, iron, proteins and B vitamins. Now, all of this is good stuff but the zinc and iron are really important for proper immune function.” Another food I love no matter whether it is fried, scrambled, cooked or poached. My two sons especially love scrambled eggs in a fresh sandwich. I usually make it with no condiments and just add one raw egg in at the last minute. Although these days I use my wife’s Himalayan Salt to add a bit more flavour. View her site under Ubuntu Lamps.

3. Mushrooms : “Mushrooms are a little bit like red meat (which I haven’t mentioned here because I am sick of reading about it) in that they help with the production of white blood cells in the body. These are very important in the fight against any disease and are particulaly important (it is now known) to fight off bacteria that can make you sick.” I knew there was a good reason I loved mushrooms. Although I certainly need no reason at all to eat them. I have gotten my sons to love them as well. Easy to prepare in a pan with a little olive oil and some garlic (double power !).

4. Green Tea : “Studies in China have shown that those people who drink green tea everyday are 60% less likely to get cancer. That is a huge statistic that should not be ignored considering cancer is one of our biggest killers. Green tea is packed full of anti-oxidants as well as flavonoids which fight off harmful bacteria.

Tea is also an excellent relaxation tool and relaxing is one of the best ways to fight off a cold. Your immune system is suppressed when you are down and depressed.” Fortunately my wife introduced me to this and we enjoy drinking Green Tea. We enjoy the flavor and any health benefits is a bonus. Convincing the kids on this one is still a bit difficult though.

6. Tomatoes : “Tomatoes have vitamin C, beta carotene and folate; all of which are excellent for the immune system.

The interesting thing is that tomatoes might actually be better for you once they are cooked. It causes an enzyme effect and becomes more potent.

Lastly, it has been shown that men who eat a lot of tomatoes have lower rates of prostate cancer.” We love eating tomatoes as well, especially the kids. But we mostly eat it in salads though. I find the cooked concept interesting and it looks like we will have to make more tomato stew from now on. Well I have gotten my bean stew down to perfection so this is next on my list then. Just that last reason alone is good enough for most men to make sure they get their fill on tomatoe. I have heard at least 2 stories on prostate cancer recently from nearby friends.

All in all a nice list of things I did not know before. I hope it help some of you readers as well.

Eat healthy, stay healthy.

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To continue my previous topic :

We as people are very self centered most of the time. We are always comparing ourselves to others. If they are suffering we feel sorry for them, but glad that it is not us that is suffering. When we are suffering and other people are not, we wonder what we did to deserve it and what we are doing wrong.

One must understand that we are all a part of nature just as trees are part of the forest. Some trees are small but they too in time will get bigger. Essentialy we all form the forest and we should not be comparing ourselves but be happy in what each of us contributes to the whole.

Kind Regards

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Gimme Shelter by Peter Van Allen

Just like the fish that swim in the sea, we are unaware of what we daily move through in our day to day rituals. Like the sea surrounds fish, just so does global consciousness (oneness) surround us human beings. And just as fish can survive in a medium that they don’t need to understand – so do most people.

People (this includes myself) does not stay or are totally unaware if the global consciousness that we move through everyday. Go to a Buddhist temple or shrine and immediately feel the soothing and relaxing environment, then go to the inner city and feel the agitation all around.

We are mostly focused on ourselves and think it is our mind generating all our feelings, but we are actually profoundly impacted by all the people around us as well. It is no wonder that once we are separated from civilization by going to some desolate place by oneself, one might have feeling of emptiness.

Everybody likes to break away now and then, but as soon as inner peace is achieved the need to return to the global consciousness becomes stronger again. This is important as each of us forms a intricate part of that consciousness, be it yin or yang. Knowledge of being in the consciousness is imperative to improving our spirituality.

So consciousness to you all out there…

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Desire is what drives us. If we don’t really desire something it is unlikely you will achieve your goal on abundance. A pretty good story comes from one of the free lessons on SGR. It goes about a old guru and his disciple :

Consider the story of the disciple who went to his guru one day and asked, “Master, how do I achieve enlightenment?” The wise old guru directed the disciple to the bank of the Ganges River and had him kneel with his head over the water. Then the guru put his hand on the young man’s neck and pushed his head below the surface of the water. After a minute and a half the young disciple was frantic. He pulled and heaved and flailed his arms, but the grip was like iron. He could not get his head back out of the water. After two minutes, when it seemed as though his lungs would burst, the grip was released.

The young man’s head jerked out of the water and he took great gulps of air into his tortured lungs. The guru smiled. “Tell me,” he gently asked, “ what was your greatest desire just then?”

“To breathe,” the young disciple stated emphatically.

“Ah,” the guru said. “When you desire enlightenment to that degree, it shall be yours.”

Two other things they discuss are also important : belief and expectation. Read more about it in the 7 free lessons at : SGR program

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Good mail by Bob Proctor again which basically revolves around around our fears. I have been reading a book to my children since they were little which is the same as the ‘The Little Engine That Could’ and it is about a little duck called Dilly. It goes about Dilly trying to face his fear of starting to swim and thinking of things that might go wrong. In the end he finally builds up the courage by thinking of things that are more positive and manages to swim and he enjoyed it. What I also like about this book is that iit has a reflective cover in the form of a dam that shows the child his/her own face. Obviously telling the child that he or she can also face their fears and overcome them.

Now as nice as this book is for children I do wish there was more books like that for adults that simply dealt with this issue. The more I think about it. I realize this is obviously what the SGR program is and what Bob Proctor is on about. It is  a program to reprogram your brain to realize your true potential and face your fears. But that said lets look at Bob’s friend Heather Walter recounting of the story, I really enjoyed it :

“The story tells of a small train that was faced with a steep climb up a very large hill. Half way up the hill the little engine started to feel as though it was an impossible task. Fear set in.

“Will I make it?” the train wondered. “What if I don’t? What if I run out of steam before I make it? What if I’m not equipped with a strong enough engine to handle this?”

The fear grew inside as his speed slowed with the climb. Soon he crawled to a stop. “I can’t make it,” he thought.

He was gripped with fear, paralyzed by it. Then things got even worse. He was now slipping backwards. His fear was now his reality. The top of the hill was out of his reach and he would never make it. As he slid backwards he yelled out, “I don’t want to fail!”

Then something inside him changed. In truth he really did want to be on the top of the hill, not forever stuck at the bottom to live in its shadow. Fear was replaced with determination, drive, and a desire to make it to the top. With all he had in him he focused on summoning the power he needed to stop the backward slide.

And he did it! He was now holding his ground on the hill. His excitement deepened his determination. Up the hill he began moving, ever so slowly, pulling the weight of the entire train behind him. He looked up toward the top of the hill and held clear in his mind the vision of making it. He became even more determined and that made him feel stronger. His confidence grew and he picked up more speed. The train didn’t feel so hard to pull now. He felt great strength within himself that he hadn’t known before; strength he had never needed before now. As he neared the top of the hill he felt unstoppable. He knew he was going to make it!

He did it! The little ol’train made it to the top of the hill and congratulated himself. It felt great to be at the top. Filled with joy, confidence and a passion for life he looked down the tracks eager to continue his journey. He saw another hill – bigger than the last! A big smile came over his face; for he truly understood there is no end to the hills! This filled him with a deep sense of peace and humility. He then further realized that the journey and the destination are one and the same.

He wondered how was it that at the half-way point he felt so overcome with the task and yet it was in him to make it. He was strong enough. Could it have been that as his fears grew, his thoughts were consumed with the vision of not making it? Failure almost became his reality. It was when he changed his focus – alerted his perspective – that he felt powerful. In fact, it seemed the more he believed in himself the stronger he felt, and the easier the climb became. His new focus became his new reality!

He admired just how powerful his thoughts are and he never took them for granted again. He became aware of his thoughts and he used them to go places he always wanted to go!”

The lesson is so simple and basic even children understand it. We teach it to our children but then we forget about it when we are adults and believe life is more complex than that. But it isn’t you know… go out there and face your fears it might just be worth every inch of your life !

Kind Regards

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Staying Positive

Today I would like to blog about keeping towards the positive side of things. You know viewing the glass half full rather than half empty kind of thing. I read a quote today on

“The greatest pollution problem we face today is negativity. Eliminate the negative attitude and believe you can do anything. Replace ‘if I can, I hope, maybe – with – I can, I will, I must.”

Now this seems so relevant to me all around me I see people filled with so much negativity. Traffic, shopping centers etc. They blind themselves to the fact that it is not necessary to be negative towards strangers. A lot of people only tend to get positive around their loved ones. It is really amazing to watch people notice you when you go around with a friendly look upon your face. I am not even talking about smiling, the look what I mean is one of happiness and contentness. People are attracted automatically to people that seems to be doing better than they are, and I don’t just mean money here. Not only that but they are more inclined to help you even though they don’t know you. Thus what you give out you will attract… and somehow this brings us thus back to the Law of Attraction !

Gratitude to the world !

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Take Action

Today I want to look at the steps taken to make the Law of Attraction work for you. It consist of 4 steps :

1. Know what you want. I think this is almost the most difficult part for most people. People has difficulty in defining what they really want. One gets lost in one’s own thoughts sometimes on the various things you may want and that loses the focus on what you really want. It takes a lot of focus to decide what you really want and stick to it.

2. Relax your mind. One has to refocus everyday on this goal(s) and think about it if only but a short while. This helps you not to fall back on the confused mind with too many options.

3. Apply Creative Visualization. If you visualize your goal as if you already have it, it actually trains your mind of the benefits you will have when you get it. This is a very important part of the process.

4. Apply Definite Action. This is the most important part. Let’s say you’ve been meditating and visualizing a new home. Start doing something – anything – to move you towards acquiring this home. It does not matter if you do not know exactly what you need to do. Nor does it matter if you don’t have the financial resources to acquire the home. Keep focused on it, believe you will acquire it and take action.

If you want to know lots more about these techniques please visit our Science of Getting Rich website and sign up for the 7 free lessons at :

If you do have any questions feel free to ask them.


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Weight Loss Tips

In trying to keep up to the name of our blog, we like to keep our posts to things that will have a effect on your life or inspire you. I think this post does have some valuable information. I found the post on Zen Habits which is a great blog. The post had a great idea and that is to ask their readership for valuable tips on weight loss. Seeing as their readership is much better than ours (which is non existing currently – but we are sure all you wonderful people while flock to our blog as soon as you know about it), they had a great amount of responses. We would like to highlight the best ones here – keeping away of the obvious (eat less, exercise more), the silly, specific diets and the unpractical. Lets start off on this one :

1. “If you drink diet soda… just stop. Trust me.” – this corresponds with one of Dr. Mike’s recommendations as well.

2. “Exercise, any kind any time. Sure there are better times and better excercises for fat burning, but they all beat sitting on the couch.” – definitely ! doing something even a little bit is better than doing nothing.

3. “Do cardiovascular training in the morning before you eat breakfast. This forces your body to utilize stored bodyfat for energy rather than carbohydrates, since you are in a carb-depleted stated after having not eating for 8 to 10 hours.”



6. “Brush your teeth early in the evening rather than just before bed. It keeps you from snacking if you’re not really hungry.” – speaking of which try to make exercise like brushing your teeth, it is just something you have to do to maintain your body !

7. “Portion control used with the 20 minute wait time. This means to waiting 20 minutes after eating the sensible portions, and then see if you still feel hungry. “ – very true we tend to eat more than our stomach immediately registers.

8. “No fast food… period.” – Unfortunately fast food provisioners does not care about our lives. You’d be scared if you see the stuff they use in the kitchen to make your food. You won’t do it at home but you allow the fast food companies to. It does not make sense if you think about it.

9. “It is easy to absorb ‘invisible’ calories when clearing the table. I learned to stop doing this, by allowing myself to eat ’scraps’ only from a fresh plate while sitting. I *can* still eat that sandwich crust, or finish off that bit of cheese, but it has to go on a clean plate. I have to eat it while sitting down at the table, using utensils. I started this a few years ago. It broke me of the habit of making my body the family garbage disposal.” – Pretty much a problem in our family too.


11. “Find fun exercise. Join a softball team, commute to work on a bike, whatever. Your strategy should be time-sensitive – only make choices you can see yourself committing to for years. Be it gym, dieting, whatever – temporary won’t work.”

12. “Whenever you eat, think about how much food you would waste by overeating. Your body doesn’t *need* all the food that’s on your plate, why waste it? You could eat the leftovers for lunch the next day and save yourself some money, or you could split it with your loved one and have company while you eat. You could give it to the homeless guy down the block who REALLY needs it. Any reason you find not to waste that food is a good one.

A friend told me once about a study where two people were fed the same lunch, except one was a large lunch and the other’s was a small lunch. After they were done, both of them felt just as satisfied, and both of them got hungry later at the same time. What does this mean? It means any amount of food you eat more than what’s necessary doesn’t give you any benefit! So why waste the money for the second half of that sub when the first half will satisfy you just as much? If you think the second half of that sub may be necessary, what’s the harm in waiting an hour or so and finding out before eating that last half?”

13. “Eat six times a day, at least! Spread it out and don’t eat too much at each session, and it’s amazing how much your metabolism can speed up.” – very true but impractical for most people unfortunately.

14. “Everything in moderation. If you really want french fries and a hamburger, or ice cream, or a cookie…it’s okay to indulge a little occasionally. Key word, OCCASIONALLY. Better to indulge a little, than to binge later.”

15. “Learn to cook, from scratch. That way, you control what you are eating.”

16. “Don’t buy into the idea of “diet” foods. I still think it’s better to eat the original food that has been less processed and only eat less.”

17. “For people who want to lose 100+ pounds, dealing with the underlying issues of self medicating depression or anxiety is going to be a lot more effective then anything else. Feeling bad about being fat and trying to lose weight, or putting yourself in exercise situations you don’t feel comfortable in are not going to really help until the underlying issues of using food to treat boredom or anxiety or depression. After treating this underlying problem, the good habits will come without nearly so much struggle.”

18. “I also weigh myself twice a day (morning and evening) to keep myself focused and motivated. Having a digital scale that measures to the half pound helps keep me on track.”

19. “From my experience, very few people have the discipline to make the big jump to that new mindset over night. Most people who try drastic measures end up quitting within a week and then figure that they’re weak and will never succeed. It creates a viscious yo-yo cycle. The best approach always seems to be taking a series of baby steps. Little successes lead to big successes. Then, every once in a while, take a big-ass step to help blast you through plateaus.”

20. “My #1 tip has already been mentioned repeatedly, and that’s to drink lots and lots of water. I shoot for 2 L/day and carry around a 1 L water bottle with me everywhere.”

There is loads more but I think I will keep to those 20. These tips will allow anybody to lose weight.


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Cancer Research

Dr Mike has another great post that I want to share with you. This one is about Cancer. Mostly hospitals and doctors are about sickness, as soon as the sickness is gone their job is done. The major problem is actually keeping your health and thus avoiding getting sick in the first place. Thus well being is the most important for us to maintain. After all a healthy body is a great foundation for a healthy spirit and mind (and vice versa). But lets get tho the first quote :

“It’s about time to allow the outside experts of alternative medicine their chance in vital areas of science and medicine to
direct a paradigm shift of getting to the cause of cancer instead of masking the symptoms of cancer.

The ‘so-called’ medically credentialed experts who hide behind their degrees are ignorantly looking for some quick fix magic bullet treatment, when cancer is a multifactor disease.

As long as they continue to look at an elephant under a microscope, or in the direction of stronger chemo agents, or newer surgical procedures, they will continue to fail. ”

“So the question is, does good science exist showing scientifically proven methods that are non-drug, non-surgery and non-radiation cures for cancer? The answer is yes, a reassuring yes!

But all such treatments are outside the realm of mainstream westernized medicine. Therefore you’ll never be able to
hear about it in mainstream medicine or the media. “

Hannelie has been looking in now for a while especially into one of the viable alternatives, the Quantec machine. She has bought one now and has been playing around with it. We had actually quite some remarkable results even though I was sceptical at first. Healing of people especially. The Quantec technology is based upon quantum science and it is about (I quote from the following site (Health Wakeup) :

“Living organisms are made up of living cells that emit light. These light emissions are called biophotons – weak electromagnetic waves measurable only by sophisticated equipment. The light emission is an expression of the functional state of the organism, be it human, animal or plant. These waves of electromagnetic emissions create an electromagnetic (or morphic) field around each and every organism. These fields do not exist in isolation but rather merge into a collective global consciousness or intelligence, also termed the “spirit” of matter.All is interconnected.

Each light emission or bio photon has a twin photon which has been scientifically proven to maintain simultaneous contact with each other over any distance. (telepathy) twin photons. This could be the mechanism which links photographs with that which they illustrate and vice versa. At this stage it can only be assumed that the Quantec’s modus operandi is based on the interconnections between twin photons.”


I’ll end of with an important quoate from Dr. Mike again :


“Because cancer is a living, anaerobic microorganism, the exact opposite of a healthy aerobic cell, cancer cells can
be suffocated by oxygen, electrocuted by electromagnetic frequencies, disrupted by sound vibration, melted by heat
through hypothermia, starved to death by shutting off the blood supply to the tumor site while reestablishing a healthy cellular terrain, by changing PH (from acid to alkaline), and increasing nutrient levels of amino acids, essential fatty acids (EFA’s), vitamins, minerals, living enzymes and high chlorophyll phyto-nutrients.

When these methods are employed, cancer cells will fall apart, turn necrotic and die. The removal of the dead tumor components put of the elimination routes via the colon, skin, urine and respiration (lungs) is just as important as killing the tumors.

Instead of an all out war against the tumors, kill cancer with chemo, kill it with radiation, kill it with drugs – the cut and burn mentality, we win the war from the inside out, by changing the CELLULAR environment and the immune system to a healthy state.


Kind Regards

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