Posted by: fabrulana | 21 August , 2007

Lost in Meaning

Bush Boardwalk

Life is complicated. Life is easy. I suppose it is how you look at life. Your viewpoint may change in one second, a day, a week or even one to several years.

Science beliefs that everything must have concrete proof. I myself have a more scientific orientated mind and can very well relate to people such as Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris etc. Spiritualists on the other hand tells you to feel life and experience it. As Bob Proctor says in his SGR course, scientists say Energy is, while religion says God is. Now I am sure there is a lot of people that moves in all types of grey areas in between.

I myself tend to go over from one side to the other and back again. Any good spokesman for their cause will probably convince you to their way of looking at things until you speak again to someone else. So I think discussions about who is wrong and who is right is usually futile. Most likely it will only lead to arguments and certain cases, war.

I think that is were meaning gets lost, and it all becomes befuddled. The only thing that really matters between people is : Acceptance. It should not matter whether who is wrong and who is right (at least as long as people obviously do not enforce their belief or do injustice because of it). If we each could just accept each other’s differences, we would not have most of the problems we have in today’s world.

We should keep our minds open.



  1. I think? Instead of I feel? Acceptance? Acceptance of the self and the feelings that co-enside maybe? You ARE what you think about …… YOU CREATE your existance and future ….. Life IS tough!! Let’s make the best of it! There is no chuch thing as luck and happiness unless YOU create it! It is THAT EASY!! How do you monitor your thoughts? By what you emotionally experience. Every time you do not feel good. Stop. Think. Evaluate what caused it. Every action has a re-action. Love Hannelie

  2. Exactly ! We are self contained solutions, unfortunately most of us gets lost in the wealth of information out there. One should then just go back to point of origin – the self.

  3. True. interesting pictures.

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