Posted by: fabrulana | 12 August , 2007

Keeping it Real

Pineapple by jwlphotography

Sorry about the delay again but things are very hectic this month. I think I will promise a post at least once per week, until such time I can afford to subject more of my thoughts to what I want to get out there.  This week I  had a lot of contact with people who were deciding on what they should focus on and what their life objectives are.

Now we all try to find our ideal life purpose and where we should go. One should also keep in mind that people like Bob Proctor and Anthony Robbins etc, did not arrive where they are today by just deciding to be motivational speakers. It was a long arduous process they went through life, before getting there and I doubt it was an easy decision. If one decides to help people – it is a great idea, but make no mistake it is not always easy and if you are trying to do it for money… you might as well give up now. These people have been able to do what they do for the love of people, not for the love of money.

If one looks at the Science of Getting Rich course, it is the common assumption that it is about monetary wealth. However monetary abundance is just a side effect (although admittedly a major selling point of most of the courses). Joy can only be experienced by living the life you need to experience for yourself. If you experience joy in what you do, you will perform better in life and subsequently perform better in whatever you do. These properly motivated actions will bring on the appropriate response you might expect from people, rather than the superficial accentuated actions one normally expects from life.

I was thinking the other day while I was at a Spiritual Faire, that somehow things did not feel right. The problem was of course, that it was probably the same felling a religious person would experience going to the wrong church. Things would just not feel correct for that person. This is the same kind of feeling you experience when going to a faire that has various spiritual people of different venues assembling . Why is that ? I gathered that the problem was mostly : that each spiritual person’s stall you saw someone representing their own belief. Their belief did not necessarily coincide with their neighbour’s. Each was on their own mission.

Why if churches (even in their own main group of faith),  split of in their own factions,  should all the rest (spiritual believers) be bundled together ? Well I guess the obvious answer is that people in a minority group always stand together, until such a stage they manage to find their own two feet of course. For a fine example I will mention Scientology. When they managed to get to that stage, they are able to break free of the previous man made boundries and bring in their own form of belief with proper support… Now – I am not here to argument who is right or wrong, as I belief something like that is futile. I’d rather keep my blog neutral and stay away from arguments on belief systems. (Something which SGR manages pretty well I must say)

So what would I like to say if I am not providing an argument ? Keep it real ! Whatever you do trust in yourself and what your heart tells you ! You can’t go wrong if you do that really (but I do mean really)  – listen to yourself. People are easily indoctrinated, one only have to look at TV adverts to realize this. I was reading an article in the newspaper 2 days ago where a person was addressing the power of a GPS (Global Positioning System device) and saying even though it was wonderful, it won’t show you the way in life etc. He started well and then he kind of lost it  – probably trying to make up for the amount of word he had to write for the article. I do believe he was not keeping it real, where GPS and spiritual direction came in I do not know – he was way out there, beyond his belief system.

Now I am not to say he should give something like that up, as this is probably what he does to make a living. But I sincerely think one should reflect on oneself after you have done something creatively and decide – was I keeping it real ? If not for yourself, then for who ?

Regards,  love yourself and keep it real …


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