Posted by: fabrulana | 5 August , 2007




The other day I was quite upset about my life and very unsure what to do. One should not misunderstand my blog for someone that knows better than others. I am one that is pretty much in the same trappings and intellectual or spiritual mazes as everybody else … but being pretty much the same person as those who probably read my blog, I feel I am equipped at least to provide knowledge and wisdom I find to my peers.

Anyway, I was pretty much at the end of my tether Friday – thinking I had tried so hard, but just not have been getting anywhere. Of course this is not true but that doesn’t change your way of thinking, does it ? Most people I know (including moi) is self destructive, and have a hard time thinking they are just as good as everybody else. All of us should get every bit of recognition as much as anybody else in this world.

Now as you might know (if you have spent a little time on my blog) is that I have been following Bob Proctor’s SGR course. I doubt that his CD on gratitude could have played at a better time on my car’s stereo. Quickly I realised that I was viewing the world in the wrong way. Now this is a lesson I have learned before, but it is a easy one to forget especially if you have not grown up being taught to think in this manner. Bob reminded me of how thankful I should be in the things I have, rather than feeling bad about those things I have not achieved yet or I don’t have time for.

Aren’t we always wanting the solutions upfront ? Most of us are not willing to wait for our result. This is also a great factor in why diets won’t work for most people – even though it might be a great solution for them, they tend to give up before the results are able to prove their lifestyle correct.


“We all make mistakes and fail. That doesn’t make us a failure. That is how we learn and gather what we need to achieve goals. Mind and universe require order before action. Decision brings order to our mind and allows it to focus on the actions that move us toward our goal.”


Gratitude is the one thing that allows us to feel again happy with what we have. As soon as we acknowledge our gratefulness, we shift to a more a positive attitude and outlook towards to the world. As such the world (people) will automatically become more responsive and friendly towards a person who reflects this. How goes the saying : cry and you cry alone, laugh and the world laughs with you.


Thus let us never forget – be thankful and have gratitude and the world will respond in kind.



  1. Love your blog!!! Grat-it-tude To have gratitude is to be pleased with the experience and result of the “pleasure” in what you have shaped for yourself and others and to who you are now, because of what you have formed by positive intention. Afterall you created your reality yourself. It is like intending to build a sculpture with certain attributes and qualities with the result of pleasing yourself and others with positive and uplifting results/effects. Cause and Effect are a law of nature……. Possitive cause/intent has possitive effect/outcome. Thus to show gratitude is to recognise your intent by your (hopefully positive) output. As we all progress towards the oneness unity. life would be much more progressive!!! Love

  2. Thanks Hannelie ! I love your positive outlook… as long as our focus stay there, life will be shaped by us… rather than the other way around.


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