Posted by: fabrulana | 1 August , 2007


Evening Cowgirl

Following on my previous post, one of the idea was that not one person can be correct. There is actually a very good story by Tsai Chih Chung on this in Zen Speaks. The story goes like this :

Four monks made a pact – they would meditate in silence for seven days, during which time no one was to say a single word… Late at night on the first day, the candle in their midst started to flicker. “Oh no ! The candle is about to go out !”, the first monk shouted. The second monk looked at the first one and reprimanded him “Remember now, we’re not supposed to talk.” The third monk said “Why do you guys keep talking ?”. Then the last monk laughed at them “Ha ! Ha ! I’m the only one who didn’t say anything !”.

The lesson from this was when pointing out other people’s faults, we often forget that we may be guilty of the same mistake.

It is easy to point the finger at others and tell them they are wrong, but at the same time justifying your own actions which are the same as theirs. It’s kind of like saying you hate racial bigots. We should all support each other and respect other people’s opinions and feelings. Even facts have been known to be wrong, so one should never overestimate one’s understanding.



  1. I thought this was awesome – one of those nuggets you find without looking 🙂 (I was actually doing a crystal search and somehow ended up here after a few clicks, lol)

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