Posted by: fabrulana | 30 July , 2007

Life’s Purpose

First light on the water

Wow, things have just been too hectic lately! I am learning so many new things at a rapid pace that I hardly get time to take just relax and meditate on it all, what to say blog about it. But I need to keep tab with these things so I must bring myself to earth and keep note. Scott Young has and interesting blog entry about ‘What Do You Want to Do With Your Life?’

This is a struggle for most of us. I have gone through so many phases since I left High School, it’s not even funny (not counting those I went through in High School as well). The best of all is that while I am in each phase, I used to believe it is the final one. I really used to think I knew it all and nobody will be able to tell me anything I don’t know. Boy, was I wrong. I see it now, but I certainly didn’t see it then. I would probably have laughed if you told me I would believe in the things, I believe in now. I certainly made some wrong choices in my life – luckily I have always had the support of someone to help me also make correct ones has well. Being a very objective person I have fortunately been mostly in the position to push my opinion aside and reflect on the other people’s ideas.

If you look out at the world’s choices out there it is really difficult to discern what is wrong and what is right. There is a lot of religions out there and also a huge amount of people who don’t follow religion, but they too each have their own views on the world. So how do you find your way through all this and still decide on a purpose. Well if you look at it with a bird’s eye view one can easily see that there can’t really be one correct person. I think pretty much everybody as pulled straws from the truth – some got longer straws and well… some might not have been so fortunate. I won’t cast my opinion on who I think which is which. That would cast me also in the same kind of thinking.

But I can say that I do believe one must take that what you feel is right for yourself, and decide from there – even if you have to start your own thing. But a word to the wise, what you believe now in your heart, may change. Life is not constant and while you are willing to learn you probably will change what you belief intermittently. My own beliefs changed about every 2 to 3 years since I was 24.

So how does this help find your life’s purpose ? Well this is where I like to tie in with Scott – because we are constantly growing, it is a question we should not bother asking in the first place. What our purpose is today is not necessarily what it will be tomorrow or the day after. This is a fact I have seen happening time and time again.

Beware of the trap Scott mentions : “The trap that you need to be born with a passion. And the lie that being able to combine your interests with a profession is easy.”

Like Hannelie said to me tonight : “You can do anything you want to you just need the passion and will to do it”.


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