Posted by: fabrulana | 19 July , 2007


Rice Fields

How does one obtain wisdom ? Wisdom is not to be confused with knowledge, even though dictionaries use these interchangeably – I do believe they are not the same…

Wisdom is the process of a deeper understanding rather than a well of knowledge. Wisdom as opposed to knowledge has no specific boundry as to what it is.  You may have a knowledge of computers or a knowledge of engineering, but understanding how these two will influence each other and a “sixth sense” of what people expect from them is wisdom. One does not need the detailed knowledge of them both to obtain this wisdom.

The knowledge on spirituality is confined to wisdom, although many people claim to have knowledge on the spirit it is only their subjective meaning. Wisdom is to know your spirit as defined by your own world view as well as a deep seated understanding of the self and how your spirit interrelates to others. You do not need to track through a world of illusion to understand the spirit. The path lies within and the details of life is defined there as well.

Do you think that everybody around you is wiser than you, and you can never achieve that ? Wrong, people may be more knowledgeable than you in a specific areas (where you also  are knowledgeable in your own), but we all have access to great wisdom. You must only allow yourself to open up to your own spirit and inner self. This is why meditation is such a very important exercise.

Meditate, find your self and be wise.


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