Posted by: fabrulana | 18 July , 2007

Declutter Your Mind


Recently my wife started decluttering our 2 sons rooms. She also did some of the living area, the difference is vast and creates a great feeling of serenity. I myself did the study. One wonders why we always put up with all the things we do not need, and it does clutter our thoughts just as much as our homes. Every time you see something that still needs to be attended to you conciously beating up on yourself. Recently one of my wife’s favourite bloggers also blogged about this although he went more holistic, here is the link : Dumb Little Man

“10 ways of Decluttering your Life” includes :

– Your desk
– Filing
– Shutting down and controlling some of the internet information overflow. This means the overburden of sites you visit each day. (Hopefully it won’t include mine or his.)
– Computer clutter, removing all those meaninless programs you never use or still mean to use but never get to and clearing up your file groupings, photos and music.
– Rooms, drawers and closets.
– Commitments. Get rid of those that you will never be able to do. Excuse yourself from some things if you can’t make it or just don’t feel like it (if it is not a necessity of course)
– Routines. make use of routines to get the fundamentals out of the way. They won’t go away no matter how long you stall them. Rather set up a regular routine and focus your mind on doing it. There is sometimes great serenity achieved in simple tasks.
– He mention systems to keep everything in place, which is basically maintenance to make sure you don’t regress to your old way of doing things.

So thats it.. remember don’t let old things and memories keep you back clear your mind and you will be the better person because of it.


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