Posted by: fabrulana | 17 July , 2007

5 Power Foods to boost your immunity

Fairy Toadstools

Found this excellent link today :

I was glad when I saw this especially as I love eating mushrooms. According to him the 5 power foods are :

1. Garlic : “Garlic has excellent sulfur compounds in it which has been shown to block enzymes that allow bad bacteria to take over otherwise healthy tissue.” Good I just love garlic and the flavour it puts into food. I tend to eat it when I can but one also have to consider other people, so don’t overdo it. Luckily blogging is not affected by garlic odors.

2. Eggs : “The main reasons that eggs are good for you are because that contain zinc, iron, proteins and B vitamins. Now, all of this is good stuff but the zinc and iron are really important for proper immune function.” Another food I love no matter whether it is fried, scrambled, cooked or poached. My two sons especially love scrambled eggs in a fresh sandwich. I usually make it with no condiments and just add one raw egg in at the last minute. Although these days I use my wife’s Himalayan Salt to add a bit more flavour. View her site under Ubuntu Lamps.

3. Mushrooms : “Mushrooms are a little bit like red meat (which I haven’t mentioned here because I am sick of reading about it) in that they help with the production of white blood cells in the body. These are very important in the fight against any disease and are particulaly important (it is now known) to fight off bacteria that can make you sick.” I knew there was a good reason I loved mushrooms. Although I certainly need no reason at all to eat them. I have gotten my sons to love them as well. Easy to prepare in a pan with a little olive oil and some garlic (double power !).

4. Green Tea : “Studies in China have shown that those people who drink green tea everyday are 60% less likely to get cancer. That is a huge statistic that should not be ignored considering cancer is one of our biggest killers. Green tea is packed full of anti-oxidants as well as flavonoids which fight off harmful bacteria.

Tea is also an excellent relaxation tool and relaxing is one of the best ways to fight off a cold. Your immune system is suppressed when you are down and depressed.” Fortunately my wife introduced me to this and we enjoy drinking Green Tea. We enjoy the flavor and any health benefits is a bonus. Convincing the kids on this one is still a bit difficult though.

6. Tomatoes : “Tomatoes have vitamin C, beta carotene and folate; all of which are excellent for the immune system.

The interesting thing is that tomatoes might actually be better for you once they are cooked. It causes an enzyme effect and becomes more potent.

Lastly, it has been shown that men who eat a lot of tomatoes have lower rates of prostate cancer.” We love eating tomatoes as well, especially the kids. But we mostly eat it in salads though. I find the cooked concept interesting and it looks like we will have to make more tomato stew from now on. Well I have gotten my bean stew down to perfection so this is next on my list then. Just that last reason alone is good enough for most men to make sure they get their fill on tomatoe. I have heard at least 2 stories on prostate cancer recently from nearby friends.

All in all a nice list of things I did not know before. I hope it help some of you readers as well.

Eat healthy, stay healthy.



  1. Thanks for the link! I hope the foods really help you guys.


  2. No thank you for the nice article, glad you visited.


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