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To continue my previous topic :

We as people are very self centered most of the time. We are always comparing ourselves to others. If they are suffering we feel sorry for them, but glad that it is not us that is suffering. When we are suffering and other people are not, we wonder what we did to deserve it and what we are doing wrong.

One must understand that we are all a part of nature just as trees are part of the forest. Some trees are small but they too in time will get bigger. Essentialy we all form the forest and we should not be comparing ourselves but be happy in what each of us contributes to the whole.

Kind Regards



  1. Dear Andre

    I do enjoy your blog very much. Keep up the good work! Just a quick response on your previous blog:
    You qouted: “We as people are very self centered most of the time.” Just wanted to add in correspondence that it is actually a paradox for because we are not “centered” within all three levels thru spirit that we become “self centered”. When you are balanced/centered on all three levels you would not just see “you” in the picture.

    Have a super day.



  2. Hi Hannelie,

    I see what you mean… I think you may have misunderstood me. When you say self centered it is someone that is actually in balance. My meaning is actually meant as a person who is only focused on their self without regard of other people. Sorry if this was unclear…

    Kind Regards

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