Posted by: fabrulana | 11 July , 2007


Gimme Shelter by Peter Van Allen

Just like the fish that swim in the sea, we are unaware of what we daily move through in our day to day rituals. Like the sea surrounds fish, just so does global consciousness (oneness) surround us human beings. And just as fish can survive in a medium that they don’t need to understand – so do most people.

People (this includes myself) does not stay or are totally unaware if the global consciousness that we move through everyday. Go to a Buddhist temple or shrine and immediately feel the soothing and relaxing environment, then go to the inner city and feel the agitation all around.

We are mostly focused on ourselves and think it is our mind generating all our feelings, but we are actually profoundly impacted by all the people around us as well. It is no wonder that once we are separated from civilization by going to some desolate place by oneself, one might have feeling of emptiness.

Everybody likes to break away now and then, but as soon as inner peace is achieved the need to return to the global consciousness becomes stronger again. This is important as each of us forms a intricate part of that consciousness, be it yin or yang. Knowledge of being in the consciousness is imperative to improving our spirituality.

So consciousness to you all out there…


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