Posted by: fabrulana | 4 July , 2007

Staying Positive

Today I would like to blog about keeping towards the positive side of things. You know viewing the glass half full rather than half empty kind of thing. I read a quote today on

“The greatest pollution problem we face today is negativity. Eliminate the negative attitude and believe you can do anything. Replace ‘if I can, I hope, maybe – with – I can, I will, I must.”

Now this seems so relevant to me all around me I see people filled with so much negativity. Traffic, shopping centers etc. They blind themselves to the fact that it is not necessary to be negative towards strangers. A lot of people only tend to get positive around their loved ones. It is really amazing to watch people notice you when you go around with a friendly look upon your face. I am not even talking about smiling, the look what I mean is one of happiness and contentness. People are attracted automatically to people that seems to be doing better than they are, and I don’t just mean money here. Not only that but they are more inclined to help you even though they don’t know you. Thus what you give out you will attract… and somehow this brings us thus back to the Law of Attraction !

Gratitude to the world !


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