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Weight Loss Tips

In trying to keep up to the name of our blog, we like to keep our posts to things that will have a effect on your life or inspire you. I think this post does have some valuable information. I found the post on Zen Habits which is a great blog. The post had a great idea and that is to ask their readership for valuable tips on weight loss. Seeing as their readership is much better than ours (which is non existing currently – but we are sure all you wonderful people while flock to our blog as soon as you know about it), they had a great amount of responses. We would like to highlight the best ones here – keeping away of the obvious (eat less, exercise more), the silly, specific diets and the unpractical. Lets start off on this one :

1. “If you drink diet soda… just stop. Trust me.” – this corresponds with one of Dr. Mike’s recommendations as well.

2. “Exercise, any kind any time. Sure there are better times and better excercises for fat burning, but they all beat sitting on the couch.” – definitely ! doing something even a little bit is better than doing nothing.

3. “Do cardiovascular training in the morning before you eat breakfast. This forces your body to utilize stored bodyfat for energy rather than carbohydrates, since you are in a carb-depleted stated after having not eating for 8 to 10 hours.”



6. “Brush your teeth early in the evening rather than just before bed. It keeps you from snacking if you’re not really hungry.” – speaking of which try to make exercise like brushing your teeth, it is just something you have to do to maintain your body !

7. “Portion control used with the 20 minute wait time. This means to waiting 20 minutes after eating the sensible portions, and then see if you still feel hungry. “ – very true we tend to eat more than our stomach immediately registers.

8. “No fast food… period.” – Unfortunately fast food provisioners does not care about our lives. You’d be scared if you see the stuff they use in the kitchen to make your food. You won’t do it at home but you allow the fast food companies to. It does not make sense if you think about it.

9. “It is easy to absorb ‘invisible’ calories when clearing the table. I learned to stop doing this, by allowing myself to eat ’scraps’ only from a fresh plate while sitting. I *can* still eat that sandwich crust, or finish off that bit of cheese, but it has to go on a clean plate. I have to eat it while sitting down at the table, using utensils. I started this a few years ago. It broke me of the habit of making my body the family garbage disposal.” – Pretty much a problem in our family too.


11. “Find fun exercise. Join a softball team, commute to work on a bike, whatever. Your strategy should be time-sensitive – only make choices you can see yourself committing to for years. Be it gym, dieting, whatever – temporary won’t work.”

12. “Whenever you eat, think about how much food you would waste by overeating. Your body doesn’t *need* all the food that’s on your plate, why waste it? You could eat the leftovers for lunch the next day and save yourself some money, or you could split it with your loved one and have company while you eat. You could give it to the homeless guy down the block who REALLY needs it. Any reason you find not to waste that food is a good one.

A friend told me once about a study where two people were fed the same lunch, except one was a large lunch and the other’s was a small lunch. After they were done, both of them felt just as satisfied, and both of them got hungry later at the same time. What does this mean? It means any amount of food you eat more than what’s necessary doesn’t give you any benefit! So why waste the money for the second half of that sub when the first half will satisfy you just as much? If you think the second half of that sub may be necessary, what’s the harm in waiting an hour or so and finding out before eating that last half?”

13. “Eat six times a day, at least! Spread it out and don’t eat too much at each session, and it’s amazing how much your metabolism can speed up.” – very true but impractical for most people unfortunately.

14. “Everything in moderation. If you really want french fries and a hamburger, or ice cream, or a cookie…it’s okay to indulge a little occasionally. Key word, OCCASIONALLY. Better to indulge a little, than to binge later.”

15. “Learn to cook, from scratch. That way, you control what you are eating.”

16. “Don’t buy into the idea of “diet” foods. I still think it’s better to eat the original food that has been less processed and only eat less.”

17. “For people who want to lose 100+ pounds, dealing with the underlying issues of self medicating depression or anxiety is going to be a lot more effective then anything else. Feeling bad about being fat and trying to lose weight, or putting yourself in exercise situations you don’t feel comfortable in are not going to really help until the underlying issues of using food to treat boredom or anxiety or depression. After treating this underlying problem, the good habits will come without nearly so much struggle.”

18. “I also weigh myself twice a day (morning and evening) to keep myself focused and motivated. Having a digital scale that measures to the half pound helps keep me on track.”

19. “From my experience, very few people have the discipline to make the big jump to that new mindset over night. Most people who try drastic measures end up quitting within a week and then figure that they’re weak and will never succeed. It creates a viscious yo-yo cycle. The best approach always seems to be taking a series of baby steps. Little successes lead to big successes. Then, every once in a while, take a big-ass step to help blast you through plateaus.”

20. “My #1 tip has already been mentioned repeatedly, and that’s to drink lots and lots of water. I shoot for 2 L/day and carry around a 1 L water bottle with me everywhere.”

There is loads more but I think I will keep to those 20. These tips will allow anybody to lose weight.




  1. These are some great tips! Morning cardio is certainly a great way to go. As far as the two a day weigh-ins on the scale, it sounds kind of obsessive. But, if it works for you, that is great. Personally, unless weight loss is the only objective, then I would try to stay away from looking at the numbers and concentrate on how I feel.

  2. Yes these are good tips, I think one should take what one need from them. I am sure not everyone will like all the tips. I have tried both ways – by obsessively checking the scale : this gave me a good idea on where I am but was also discouraging at times; and also not really checking and going on my feeling : but then you have to know what you are eating right and not slip up too much as you can easily fool yourself mentally.

  3. your article is good

  4. […] of before, Andre du Plessis has compiled a list of 20 weight-loss tips, articles, and links in Weight Loss Tips.  Check it […]

  5. Yes these are good tips, I think one should take what one need from them. I am sure not everyone will like all the tips,but these are true.

  6. Great tips, this explains many things, but the only thing I do not get is why dose some people eat tons of food but do not get fat , I know many people who eat every time they can, but are in perfect shape. can anyone explain that?

  7. I like your website :)) Is coll 😉

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