Posted by: fabrulana | 1 July , 2007

Cancer Research

Dr Mike has another great post that I want to share with you. This one is about Cancer. Mostly hospitals and doctors are about sickness, as soon as the sickness is gone their job is done. The major problem is actually keeping your health and thus avoiding getting sick in the first place. Thus well being is the most important for us to maintain. After all a healthy body is a great foundation for a healthy spirit and mind (and vice versa). But lets get tho the first quote :

“It’s about time to allow the outside experts of alternative medicine their chance in vital areas of science and medicine to
direct a paradigm shift of getting to the cause of cancer instead of masking the symptoms of cancer.

The ‘so-called’ medically credentialed experts who hide behind their degrees are ignorantly looking for some quick fix magic bullet treatment, when cancer is a multifactor disease.

As long as they continue to look at an elephant under a microscope, or in the direction of stronger chemo agents, or newer surgical procedures, they will continue to fail. ”

“So the question is, does good science exist showing scientifically proven methods that are non-drug, non-surgery and non-radiation cures for cancer? The answer is yes, a reassuring yes!

But all such treatments are outside the realm of mainstream westernized medicine. Therefore you’ll never be able to
hear about it in mainstream medicine or the media. “

Hannelie has been looking in now for a while especially into one of the viable alternatives, the Quantec machine. She has bought one now and has been playing around with it. We had actually quite some remarkable results even though I was sceptical at first. Healing of people especially. The Quantec technology is based upon quantum science and it is about (I quote from the following site (Health Wakeup) :

“Living organisms are made up of living cells that emit light. These light emissions are called biophotons – weak electromagnetic waves measurable only by sophisticated equipment. The light emission is an expression of the functional state of the organism, be it human, animal or plant. These waves of electromagnetic emissions create an electromagnetic (or morphic) field around each and every organism. These fields do not exist in isolation but rather merge into a collective global consciousness or intelligence, also termed the “spirit” of matter.All is interconnected.

Each light emission or bio photon has a twin photon which has been scientifically proven to maintain simultaneous contact with each other over any distance. (telepathy) twin photons. This could be the mechanism which links photographs with that which they illustrate and vice versa. At this stage it can only be assumed that the Quantec’s modus operandi is based on the interconnections between twin photons.”


I’ll end of with an important quoate from Dr. Mike again :


“Because cancer is a living, anaerobic microorganism, the exact opposite of a healthy aerobic cell, cancer cells can
be suffocated by oxygen, electrocuted by electromagnetic frequencies, disrupted by sound vibration, melted by heat
through hypothermia, starved to death by shutting off the blood supply to the tumor site while reestablishing a healthy cellular terrain, by changing PH (from acid to alkaline), and increasing nutrient levels of amino acids, essential fatty acids (EFA’s), vitamins, minerals, living enzymes and high chlorophyll phyto-nutrients.

When these methods are employed, cancer cells will fall apart, turn necrotic and die. The removal of the dead tumor components put of the elimination routes via the colon, skin, urine and respiration (lungs) is just as important as killing the tumors.

Instead of an all out war against the tumors, kill cancer with chemo, kill it with radiation, kill it with drugs – the cut and burn mentality, we win the war from the inside out, by changing the CELLULAR environment and the immune system to a healthy state.


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