Posted by: fabrulana | 29 June , 2007

Running your own race

Hello to all you wonderful people out there !

What a great day ! I mean even after starting to live my life more spiritually – Fridays still holds a special place in my heart. I guess it has to do with having more time to myself and people around me. There is just no getting away from having Friday as a special day of the week. I decided to try and keep this blog updated frequently though so I made a quick getaway to quickly get this post out there… and today I couldn’t get a more wonderful example than Bob Proctor’s post today, which is so true. But wait let me start quoting before I get ahead of myself. I know I am cutting his story short but anyhow the story goes about him starting to jog in a race for the first time but not properly preparing for it and the part I really enjoyed was :

“That first 10k race was quite an experience. I jogged, I walked, I jogged and I walked. At times, I didn’t know if I could finish. Then came a defining moment.

At one point near the end, a 70 year old man ran past me, very very fast, and I felt embarrassed that I was 50+ years younger than he and I couldn’t even keep up with him. I felt defeated for a second. But then I realized something. He was running his race and I was running mine.

He had different capacities, experience, training and goals for himself. I had mine.”

How profound ! It struck me. We are always chasing each other’s dream. One has this better or that better but we can’t seem to accept the place in time where we currently find ourselves in. We are not any worse off or better than another person, but we each find ourselves in a path of our own journey – which we shouldn’t be judged against another’s. And so he does say and I quote :

“How often in life do we compare ourselves to others and feel disappointed in ourselves when we really shouldn’t? After a minute, it hit me that this was a lesson I could draw from. I learned something about myself in that moment. I turned my embarrassment into inspiration.

I decided that I would not give up on running races, in fact, I would run even more races and I would learn how to train and prepare properly and one day I would be one of those 70 year olds who was still running. As I crossed the finish line, I was proud of my accomplishment.”

“In life we all have those moments where we compare ourselves to others. It’s only natural. Don’t allow those moments to disempower you. Turn them into motivation and let them inspire you. Use them to show you what is possible. Every struggle is rich with opportunity. You define your own race when you define your own goals.”

Most of our worries comes of comparing ourselves. Have you looked at poor countries ? Why does some people in these countries (excepting war ridden ones) seem more happier than our money towering babylon’s ? I say it is because we feel we are not as well off as the person next door… We always strife to be better, and if we don’t achieve it we feel miserable. If we do achieve it we compare ourselves to the next guy on the ladder. It is actually a catch 22. Why do the Tibetian monks achieve such serenity ? It is because they abhor the competitiveness and money seeking world of ours and keep to themselves and their inner abundance. I do believe people is slowly catching on to this and there is a growing global consciousness.

Look at the science of getting rich theory that has now started to take off. I mean the “The Secret” movie is now just about everywhere. There is a lot of people taking advantage of it out there, but if you ever do have the mind or finances to get more real quality information into it – feel free to climb on to the full professional program of Bob Proctor it does deliver the ultimate in resources around the subject. You can find it at our affiliate site at : .

It contains 7 free lessons and will subscribe you to some newsletters as which I have quoted from, if you want to. There is no commitment ! You may even get the book free on the internet that they are talking about, which you can find here (you wouldn’t belief how I had to search for this among the throng of people actually charging for this !) :

But do watch out for all the other sites … it is as everybody has just latched on to this book and the bandwagon and is trying to squeeze everything out of it, Wallace Wattles did provide that his book should be free to the world and not paid for ! We do belief that Bob Proctor is however providing actually quality contributions to this rather this rather than riding an old horse. Bob Proctor has written his own books even before he came onto Wallace’s book.

Regards and Peace to all !


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