Posted by: fabrulana | 28 June , 2007

Keep it Simple

Found another great post today and this time by a doctor. But it all falls in line with the primary philosophy one should have. Here is a few quotes I especially liked :

“We don’t have to ‘think’ about breathing, it’s done for us, even as we sleep. We don’t
have to ‘think’ about a cut on our skin mending into a scab and later becoming ‘as if it never happened’.”

We tend to over-complicate our lives when actually we need to just keep to the basics and understand what our bodies needs from us. We don’t need all the fancy diets and wonderful supplements to really improve our bodies. All is available to us and we must just listen to our bodies what it needs. If your body needs say a tomato for the vitamins required within then your mind will it more attractive and you will crave it. Obviously this does mean you need to surround your body with the right foods as well, rather than just placebo killers like chips and chocolates.

“You see, it all IS very simple. If we would just realize that we are creatures of nature and that all our bodies REALLY want is the proper fuel (nutrition and oxygen), hydration (pure water), elimination (cleansed and detoxed), love and happiness (balanced relationships and positive mental attitude) and a knowing of what we are and our purpose “

“Do you think you could effect your health with proper breathing? How about with the proper intake of water? What about supplying our bodies with the right kinds of food? The answer is absolutely!”

“Here’s the Tip: EVERY DAY, breathe deep, drink pure water, eat sensibly, cleanse and detox regularly, keep a positive mental attitude and give thanks to our Creator. Get checked for nerve interference to make sure that your body is functioning at its optimum.”

“These tips can make a difference. BUT, most will call it too simple and look for the answers in science.”

“Are we blind? Blinded by science? Perhaps we are. ”

I agree fully we do tend to look to science and pills to provide our solutions for us. This makes us blind and deaf to what our bodies tell us – because our minds think they know better. I’ll end of on this last quote :

“Well now there are no more excuses. You have within your body, the ability to change your health. It’s there! You just may have to look further into it to find what is that YOU’RE missing. Health comes from within, NOT from the outside. There is NO medicine that gives health.

So my question to you is this: Do you have more faith in a spoonful of medicine, than the power that created the Living World?!

Get proactive, get focused and change your health. This is fact: No one else will it for you!

Sounds pretty simple huh?”

Does to me … and you ?

Note if you like to subscribe to Dr. Mike’s tips go here :

“The Doctor of the Future will give NO Medicine, but will interest his patients in diet and nutrition, exercise and the care of the human frame. He will teach them about the cause of ALL disease.”
-Thomas Edison


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