Posted by: fabrulana | 27 June , 2007

Art of Peace Quote

We found this wonderful quote today on DailyZen:

The Art of Peace begins with you.
Work on yourself and your
Appointed task in the Art of Peace.
Everyone has a spirit that
Can be refined, a body that
Can be trained in some manner,
A suitable path to follow.
You are here for no other purpose than
To realize your inner divinity and
Manifest your innate enlightenment.
Foster peace in your own life and
Then apply the Art to all that you encounter.

– Morehei Ueshiba

We feel this wonderful quote embodies what we are aiming to achieve; and that what have already  happened in our lives the last year or so, perfectly. It is our belief that human beings have amazingly strong spirits, but that most people don’t realize their potential and the effect they have on themselves or other people. You can finely train yourself spiritually and bodily to do anything, no matter what your belief. It is not an easy path to enlightenment and it is frought with a lot of personal realizations. One has to also beware of the many people (including oneself) that writes off the spiritual path as mumbo jumbo. Nothing is as strong as spiritual enlightenment to bring one personal confidence and abundance.


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