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Friendship is much more complicated than it seems. I bring up friendship on todays blog entry, because recently I have seen and heard of two people who were affected severely by choosing the wrong friends. I myself had the unfortunate experience of choosing the wrong friend.

Most people tend to think that the precise nature of their friends does not matter. I myself have been and still am not too picky – if someone had the same interest in me, I quickly added them as a friend. I used to have a friend at university that had them same musical interest as I had, but our ideologies were not the same. This didn’t influence me at all and we both had respect for the others viewpoint, although obviously trying to influence the other to change their mind. This however drastically changed when I got married and had kids. He got the idea in his head that I had to be liberated from family life and overstepped the boundries on my moral values. Luckily I ended it right then and there, as the situation might have become more volatile and could have blown up in my face. The following two stories are recent ones that also indicates the importance of having the right friends.

The first persons sad story is about the brother of a friend of mine. The victim had a friend that was apparently known for criminal activities – so much so that nobody wanted to help him anymore. Except of course our good natured victim. He helped him when nobody else would and even lost some money. When he didn’t get his money back he tried to pull out of the friendship. Unfortunately the friends criminal mind got to work as soon as he saw his only friend desert him. He wrote a forged letter and faxed it to our victim’s employer. Seeing as above victim was in a high position and working with large currencies, his work was immediately suspended. Even though he proved his innocence later, he was asked to resign due to assocation with a known criminal. He is still trying to put his life together again.

The second sad story is that of someone who works with me. She married a person who has come from overseas. They established a work for him here and they finally got everything up and going. Apparently her newfound husband’s nephew was a friend of his (even had the same name) and he also wanted to immigrate. So they made a plan and got him into the country. The nephew got involved then with one of her friends. They all clubbed together and started a shop. Unfortunately it soon became apparent that the nephew was helping himself at the till. The relationship quickly started to turn sour. She asked her friend what is going on and tried to remedy the situation, but found that her friend has suddenly turned blind eye to her new found love’s actions – she refused to help and stood by the nephew’s side. After great difficulty they finally managed to buy the cafe from the nephew and his girlfriend, but it involved a lot fights and legal support. The situation came to a climax last Saturday afternoon, when the nephew shot her husband twice – once in the head and once in the body. We have heard he is currently pulling through, but still not in the safety zone yet.

So all I can say is choose your friends carefully, and make sure their ideals are the same as yours. Especially if you are planning to have business dealings. Just as married people should never expect to marry someone and then change them, so one should not choose friends and expect to change them.

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Lost in Meaning

Bush Boardwalk

Life is complicated. Life is easy. I suppose it is how you look at life. Your viewpoint may change in one second, a day, a week or even one to several years.

Science beliefs that everything must have concrete proof. I myself have a more scientific orientated mind and can very well relate to people such as Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris etc. Spiritualists on the other hand tells you to feel life and experience it. As Bob Proctor says in his SGR course, scientists say Energy is, while religion says God is. Now I am sure there is a lot of people that moves in all types of grey areas in between.

I myself tend to go over from one side to the other and back again. Any good spokesman for their cause will probably convince you to their way of looking at things until you speak again to someone else. So I think discussions about who is wrong and who is right is usually futile. Most likely it will only lead to arguments and certain cases, war.

I think that is were meaning gets lost, and it all becomes befuddled. The only thing that really matters between people is : Acceptance. It should not matter whether who is wrong and who is right (at least as long as people obviously do not enforce their belief or do injustice because of it). If we each could just accept each other’s differences, we would not have most of the problems we have in today’s world.

We should keep our minds open.

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Keeping it Real

Pineapple by jwlphotography

Sorry about the delay again but things are very hectic this month. I think I will promise a post at least once per week, until such time I can afford to subject more of my thoughts to what I want to get out there.  This week I  had a lot of contact with people who were deciding on what they should focus on and what their life objectives are.

Now we all try to find our ideal life purpose and where we should go. One should also keep in mind that people like Bob Proctor and Anthony Robbins etc, did not arrive where they are today by just deciding to be motivational speakers. It was a long arduous process they went through life, before getting there and I doubt it was an easy decision. If one decides to help people – it is a great idea, but make no mistake it is not always easy and if you are trying to do it for money… you might as well give up now. These people have been able to do what they do for the love of people, not for the love of money.

If one looks at the Science of Getting Rich course, it is the common assumption that it is about monetary wealth. However monetary abundance is just a side effect (although admittedly a major selling point of most of the courses). Joy can only be experienced by living the life you need to experience for yourself. If you experience joy in what you do, you will perform better in life and subsequently perform better in whatever you do. These properly motivated actions will bring on the appropriate response you might expect from people, rather than the superficial accentuated actions one normally expects from life.

I was thinking the other day while I was at a Spiritual Faire, that somehow things did not feel right. The problem was of course, that it was probably the same felling a religious person would experience going to the wrong church. Things would just not feel correct for that person. This is the same kind of feeling you experience when going to a faire that has various spiritual people of different venues assembling . Why is that ? I gathered that the problem was mostly : that each spiritual person’s stall you saw someone representing their own belief. Their belief did not necessarily coincide with their neighbour’s. Each was on their own mission.

Why if churches (even in their own main group of faith),  split of in their own factions,  should all the rest (spiritual believers) be bundled together ? Well I guess the obvious answer is that people in a minority group always stand together, until such a stage they manage to find their own two feet of course. For a fine example I will mention Scientology. When they managed to get to that stage, they are able to break free of the previous man made boundries and bring in their own form of belief with proper support… Now – I am not here to argument who is right or wrong, as I belief something like that is futile. I’d rather keep my blog neutral and stay away from arguments on belief systems. (Something which SGR manages pretty well I must say)

So what would I like to say if I am not providing an argument ? Keep it real ! Whatever you do trust in yourself and what your heart tells you ! You can’t go wrong if you do that really (but I do mean really)  – listen to yourself. People are easily indoctrinated, one only have to look at TV adverts to realize this. I was reading an article in the newspaper 2 days ago where a person was addressing the power of a GPS (Global Positioning System device) and saying even though it was wonderful, it won’t show you the way in life etc. He started well and then he kind of lost it  – probably trying to make up for the amount of word he had to write for the article. I do believe he was not keeping it real, where GPS and spiritual direction came in I do not know – he was way out there, beyond his belief system.

Now I am not to say he should give something like that up, as this is probably what he does to make a living. But I sincerely think one should reflect on oneself after you have done something creatively and decide – was I keeping it real ? If not for yourself, then for who ?

Regards,  love yourself and keep it real …

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The other day I was quite upset about my life and very unsure what to do. One should not misunderstand my blog for someone that knows better than others. I am one that is pretty much in the same trappings and intellectual or spiritual mazes as everybody else … but being pretty much the same person as those who probably read my blog, I feel I am equipped at least to provide knowledge and wisdom I find to my peers.

Anyway, I was pretty much at the end of my tether Friday – thinking I had tried so hard, but just not have been getting anywhere. Of course this is not true but that doesn’t change your way of thinking, does it ? Most people I know (including moi) is self destructive, and have a hard time thinking they are just as good as everybody else. All of us should get every bit of recognition as much as anybody else in this world.

Now as you might know (if you have spent a little time on my blog) is that I have been following Bob Proctor’s SGR course. I doubt that his CD on gratitude could have played at a better time on my car’s stereo. Quickly I realised that I was viewing the world in the wrong way. Now this is a lesson I have learned before, but it is a easy one to forget especially if you have not grown up being taught to think in this manner. Bob reminded me of how thankful I should be in the things I have, rather than feeling bad about those things I have not achieved yet or I don’t have time for.

Aren’t we always wanting the solutions upfront ? Most of us are not willing to wait for our result. This is also a great factor in why diets won’t work for most people – even though it might be a great solution for them, they tend to give up before the results are able to prove their lifestyle correct.


“We all make mistakes and fail. That doesn’t make us a failure. That is how we learn and gather what we need to achieve goals. Mind and universe require order before action. Decision brings order to our mind and allows it to focus on the actions that move us toward our goal.”


Gratitude is the one thing that allows us to feel again happy with what we have. As soon as we acknowledge our gratefulness, we shift to a more a positive attitude and outlook towards to the world. As such the world (people) will automatically become more responsive and friendly towards a person who reflects this. How goes the saying : cry and you cry alone, laugh and the world laughs with you.


Thus let us never forget – be thankful and have gratitude and the world will respond in kind.

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Evening Cowgirl

Following on my previous post, one of the idea was that not one person can be correct. There is actually a very good story by Tsai Chih Chung on this in Zen Speaks. The story goes like this :

Four monks made a pact – they would meditate in silence for seven days, during which time no one was to say a single word… Late at night on the first day, the candle in their midst started to flicker. “Oh no ! The candle is about to go out !”, the first monk shouted. The second monk looked at the first one and reprimanded him “Remember now, we’re not supposed to talk.” The third monk said “Why do you guys keep talking ?”. Then the last monk laughed at them “Ha ! Ha ! I’m the only one who didn’t say anything !”.

The lesson from this was when pointing out other people’s faults, we often forget that we may be guilty of the same mistake.

It is easy to point the finger at others and tell them they are wrong, but at the same time justifying your own actions which are the same as theirs. It’s kind of like saying you hate racial bigots. We should all support each other and respect other people’s opinions and feelings. Even facts have been known to be wrong, so one should never overestimate one’s understanding.

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Life’s Purpose

First light on the water

Wow, things have just been too hectic lately! I am learning so many new things at a rapid pace that I hardly get time to take just relax and meditate on it all, what to say blog about it. But I need to keep tab with these things so I must bring myself to earth and keep note. Scott Young has and interesting blog entry about ‘What Do You Want to Do With Your Life?’

This is a struggle for most of us. I have gone through so many phases since I left High School, it’s not even funny (not counting those I went through in High School as well). The best of all is that while I am in each phase, I used to believe it is the final one. I really used to think I knew it all and nobody will be able to tell me anything I don’t know. Boy, was I wrong. I see it now, but I certainly didn’t see it then. I would probably have laughed if you told me I would believe in the things, I believe in now. I certainly made some wrong choices in my life – luckily I have always had the support of someone to help me also make correct ones has well. Being a very objective person I have fortunately been mostly in the position to push my opinion aside and reflect on the other people’s ideas.

If you look out at the world’s choices out there it is really difficult to discern what is wrong and what is right. There is a lot of religions out there and also a huge amount of people who don’t follow religion, but they too each have their own views on the world. So how do you find your way through all this and still decide on a purpose. Well if you look at it with a bird’s eye view one can easily see that there can’t really be one correct person. I think pretty much everybody as pulled straws from the truth – some got longer straws and well… some might not have been so fortunate. I won’t cast my opinion on who I think which is which. That would cast me also in the same kind of thinking.

But I can say that I do believe one must take that what you feel is right for yourself, and decide from there – even if you have to start your own thing. But a word to the wise, what you believe now in your heart, may change. Life is not constant and while you are willing to learn you probably will change what you belief intermittently. My own beliefs changed about every 2 to 3 years since I was 24.

So how does this help find your life’s purpose ? Well this is where I like to tie in with Scott – because we are constantly growing, it is a question we should not bother asking in the first place. What our purpose is today is not necessarily what it will be tomorrow or the day after. This is a fact I have seen happening time and time again.

Beware of the trap Scott mentions : “The trap that you need to be born with a passion. And the lie that being able to combine your interests with a profession is easy.”

Like Hannelie said to me tonight : “You can do anything you want to you just need the passion and will to do it”.

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Spiritual Movies

Meet The Fockers

Me and my wife love spiritual movies. Meaning movies that moves your emotions to even push you over the boundries of crying or genuine laughter. We are members of the Spiritual Cinema, they have some truly inspiring movies – especially the ones they sent on introduction. I still remember the one of the guy who had a blind date (literally). Hannelie likes most of the movies, while I must admit I don’t find them all so wonderful such as the introductory ones. Definitely worth a look if you want to check it out though – you can unsubscribe whenever you want to.

But I am getting of the point I want to make. I was thinking the other day about the wonderful movies that brought these emotions out in me, these wasn’t even rated as spiritual movies and fell into normal cinema. The following movies came to my mind that moved me emotionally : Meet the Fockers, Click, Anger Management (only on second try though – the first time I saw it I was to involved in my inner turmoil to really see what it was about) and Beat the Drum. There is lots more but those are the only ones I can think of right now… which I am sorry about – I hope to in the future to make note of any movie that spiritually moves me.

I really hope to find and collect these movies and not just forget about them, as they did bring out special moments for me. Movies brings out experiences that moves us closer to our spiritual self and help us tap into other feelings and goals, which helps us recognise that they are not so much different than ours after all.

“Good morning, and in case I don’t see you, good afternoon, good evening, and good night !”

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The Elders

The Elders

The Elders is a group that Richard Branson have hinted at. My wife really likes Branson’s books including ‘Screw it, Let’s do it’. There in Branson said apparently that a new world organisation will be formed with the likes of former President Nelson Mandela. 18 July the group has finally been launched.

The group of people consists of former heads of state, Nobel prize winners, entrepreneurs and philanthropists who will “contribute their wisdom, independent leadership and integrity to tackle some of the world’s toughest problems”.

The founding members are Nelson Mandela, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, philanthropist Graca Machel, former United Nations chief Kofi Annan, former US President Jimmy Carter, former Irish Prime Minister Mary Robinson and Bangladeshi social banker Muhammad Yunus.

“This group can speak freely and boldly, working both publicly and behind the scenes on whatever actions need to be taken,” Mandela said. “Together we will work to support courage where there is fear, foster agreement where there is conflict, and inspire hope where there is despair.”

“Almost impervious to the consequences of outside criticism, the group will conduct unrestrained analyses of important and complex issues and share our ideas with the general public and with others who might take action to resolve problems.”

“In traditional societies, the elders always had a role in conflict resolution, long-term thinking and applying wisdom wherever it was needed. We are moving to this global village and yet we don’t have our global elders,” Gabriel said.
“This group of Elders will bring hope and wisdom back into the world. To play a role in bringing us together to stop unnecessary human suffering and to celebrate the wonderful world that we are so privileged to be part of,” said Founder Richard Branson.

If you want to see the launched site go here : The Elders

Well I do wish this great group of men and women all the best for their future endeavour. I think they will face some great challenges and problems that won’t be black or white, but all shades of grey. But looking at the wonderful people they have to handle these problems, I am sure that there is nobody better for the job. I think it is fantastic and definitely what the earth needs right now.

May wisdom be with our Elders.

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Speaking Your Mind


A lot of problems what is caused in todays world is because of compromising. People tend to sit their best foot forward in hopes of receiving more attention. This kind of action leads to all kinds of complications. From the person being spoken to having illusions of grandeur, to the person who is being untruthful bringing their own demise. A person of a wise disposition will usually easily see through deception, and will rather be grateful to a person speaking their own mind.

If you want to end up somewhere in life where you hope to be content with yourself, it is better to speak your mind than trying to deceive or please other people. Even if your deception might be aligned to what you want, you might be not so happy as you might think once you achieve goal.

Be truthful (especially to yourself), be happy.

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Rice Fields

How does one obtain wisdom ? Wisdom is not to be confused with knowledge, even though dictionaries use these interchangeably – I do believe they are not the same…

Wisdom is the process of a deeper understanding rather than a well of knowledge. Wisdom as opposed to knowledge has no specific boundry as to what it is.  You may have a knowledge of computers or a knowledge of engineering, but understanding how these two will influence each other and a “sixth sense” of what people expect from them is wisdom. One does not need the detailed knowledge of them both to obtain this wisdom.

The knowledge on spirituality is confined to wisdom, although many people claim to have knowledge on the spirit it is only their subjective meaning. Wisdom is to know your spirit as defined by your own world view as well as a deep seated understanding of the self and how your spirit interrelates to others. You do not need to track through a world of illusion to understand the spirit. The path lies within and the details of life is defined there as well.

Do you think that everybody around you is wiser than you, and you can never achieve that ? Wrong, people may be more knowledgeable than you in a specific areas (where you also  are knowledgeable in your own), but we all have access to great wisdom. You must only allow yourself to open up to your own spirit and inner self. This is why meditation is such a very important exercise.

Meditate, find your self and be wise.

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